Take The Google Cars Shopping Service Out For A Test Drive

Update 1/30/2014: Google announced that their car shopping service is being shutdown. Below is my original article talking about the Google Cars Shopping Service….

If you haven’t heard, the Google Cars Shopping Service is coming soon to a browser near you. With the recent news that Google Cars is about to launch in a second market (Phoenix, Arizona) it’s time to get up to speed with what this online, car buying experience is all about. So let’s grab a coffee and take a look, shall we?


Since Google Cars was announced, I’ve noticed that my peers and colleagues in the auto industry mostly fall into one of three distinct categories.

One group wants hunker down and pretend that it doesn’t exist, another group is taking the “wait and see” approach, and the last group is already preparing and innovating so when the program rolls out nationwide, they will be ready to plug-in to Google Cars right from the start.

What category would you put yourself in?

If you don’t find yourself in the third category yet, can we agree that Google Cars will not go the way of Reader, Wave & Buzz?

Let’s face it, the sheer number of automotive related searches that occur on Google means that there’s just too much money to be made for Google to do anything other than expedite the roll-out of Google Cars.

So what is Google Cars and what does it do?

To put it simply, Google Cars provides a transparent shopping experience that a modern day consumer expects and demands. Google Cars will:

  1. Show you inventory from area dealerships directly from Google in your web-browser.
  2. Allow you to filter the search results by Year, Make, Model, Trim, Body Style, Color & Transmission.
  3. List the MSRP, Specs, Installed Options & VIN of each unique vehicle.
  4. Show the MSRP compared to the Regional Price Paid over the last 90 days for that specific vehicle.
  5. Allow you to Request a Quote from a dealer(s) via email or phone without giving your personal information directly to the dealer.

If we agree that Google Cars will be a reality for all of us in the near future, then we must take a look at what we can do to adapt and innovate so we’re ready to embrace this game-changing tool when it arrives.

So if you don’t live in California or Arizona, how can you experience this service today? You can jump right in and take Google Cars out on a test drive. Who knows, after spending some time behind the wheel, you just might come to love it more that you ever imagined (I know I have!)

Ready to take Google Cars out for a spin? Watch the video below to get started!

Please note, this isn’t just a desktop experience either. Google has designed this product to be Mobile Responsive, so that no matter what device you are using, you’ll enjoy a native experience tailored to your screen (no app needed!).

Now that I’ve showed you how it works, are you ready to take Google Cars out for a spin yourself? Great! Feel free to take the wheel and do a Google Cars Search on your own to get a better feel for how it operates and obeys your command. I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the drive….

If I told you that Google Cars will be the spark that ignites a massive change in the way customers shop for a vehicle online, would you believe me?

I’m convinced that this car shopping platform will be nothing short of game-changing.

You can bet that once Google Cars is live across the nation and taking business away from the AutoTrader & Cars.com’s of the world, a ripple effect will take place and these other providers will begin to innovate their own platforms to match and rival Google Cars (if they haven’t started already).

How do you feel about Google Cars? Are you ready to embrace this new experience, or do you fear the change that’s coming your way? Comment below with your thoughts, and let’s get the conversation started!

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