"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." Mario Andretti
“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti

When I ran across this quote from Mario Andretti this morning, my plan was to simply share it socially figuring someone out there might get a dash of motivation from it.

However as I was putting together the image you see above, I really started think about the words in the quote and what they mean to me.

It turns out I can totally relate to it, because it speaks to me on many different levels.

You see, often times I feel like I’m working to get my professional and personal lives under control so I can essentially win the race.

And to me, winning the race means being able to kick back, relax and enjoy more time with my family without stress and worry.

But is it possible I’ve been thinking about it all wrong?

Maybe this is a race that doesn’t have a finish line. There’s always going to be the next project, presentation, blog post, podcast, or life changing event.

Is it wrong to suggest that by stopping to rest for a while because everything seems to be “under control”, I’m actually missing out on opportunities to better myself and my family?

The perfect example of this happened the two months leading up to the DrivingSales Executive Summit and the weeks immediately after.

From mid-August to mid-October I put in a ton of extra work to prepare for my breakout session at DSES. I spent early mornings and late nights putting together the assets for my Blog to the Future presentation, all the content in my Ultimate Blogger Resource Pack and practicing the 35 minute speech at least once (if not twice) every single day.

All that was in addition to my regular career and family duties. I can honestly say for those two months I was more dedicated to accomplishing a goal than I’ve ever been in my life.

I won’t lie, it felt great to get so much done. I was in “the zone”.

And then when I finally got to give my presentation at DSES, all the hard work paid off. It couldn’t have gone better, and I was on top of the world.

When I got back home from Las Vegas, there was a sense of relief and I allowed myself to take some time off from MarketPunch to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

To relate it back to the quote, I came home and everything felt under control. No looming presentations, no urgent projects at work…all was well.

I convinced myself that I earned a nice little break from the late nights and early mornings. Just five days, maybe a week. It ended up being almost a month.

Now I’m sitting here kicking myself in the behind thinking about the opportunities I may have missed because I gave myself permission to stop.

I had built up momentum and speed to achieve my goal and then promptly slammed on the brakes as soon as it was accomplished.

Did I get to enjoy more time with my family? Absolutely!

I played more with the girls, I got caught up on The Walking Dead and Comic Book Men, I ate too much Halloween candy. Quite frankly it was awesome.

So for me that brings up that age old dilemma of how to you balance your professional life and your personal life?

Look, I get it. There probably is no right or wrong answer to the question.

Ultimately it all comes down to work life balance. You can’t always focus on work to the detriment of your family, and the opposite is true as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject of the circus act called life. How do you juggle everything at once?

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  • Great piece Jason – and I can certainly relate. For me, keeping it simple helps me best prioritize things – God, family, friends and work. And a nice glass of bourbon at the end of the work week 🙂

    • Thanks @disqus_t0lnwsgKTi:disqus and I like how you prioritize your life. As a classic overthinker, I could go for a little more simplicity in my world 🙂