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This is my personal blog which I believe is a fantastic resource for anyone in the Automotive Industry who is responsible for the Digital Marketing efforts in their dealership or automotive group.


I give useful Tips, Tricks & How To’s in the areas of Email Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Video Production, Graphic Design and Data Analytics that will help my followers become better and smarter marketers TODAY!

I’m honored that you wanted to learn a little bit  more about me. So who am I and what do I do? As I’m fond of saying, I have three full-time jobs that keep me more than busy.

  • First and foremost, I am a proud husband and father of two wonderful daughters.
  • During the day, I am the Director of Strategy for Launch Digital Marketing.
  • On the Nights, Weekends and Early Mornings, I create content for Marketpunch.auto

It’s my passion to share what I’ve learned over the years with my peers and colleagues in the Automotive Digital Marketing realm. Though my audience scope is narrow, I do believe that the majority of my posts will benefit any small business marketer.

At this time, I publish a new article roughly once per week and a new episode of the MarketPunch Podcast bi-weekly.

My newest venture is hosting the Think Bigger show which airs each Tuesday at 3:30 pm eastern time on the Autotainment Network.

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More About Me

I’ve been in the Automotive Retail Industry since 2008 after a long (and mostly unassuming & amusing) career in Restaurant & Retail Management. It was mostly by accident that I got involved in this great industry (that’s a blog post for another time) but needless to say, I found a ready home for my particular set of skills and talents.

It’s been a crazy journey over the last 8 years. Just recently I left the retail side of the car biz to peruse a new opportunity with Launch Digital Marketing and am excited to see what the future holds for all of us.

Thanks for dropping by, and I’d enjoy connecting with you. I’m a pretty easy person to get a hold of so send me an Email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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