How To Upload Custom Premade Videos To Vine

Since it’s launch in January, Vine has risen to the top of the iTunes charts and six second videos have become a part of our social media world. I’ve seen some pretty creative Vine’s using the cameras built into the iPhone, but I always wondered why there wasn’t a feature that allowed a user to upload custom videos to Vine.

UPDATE August 20, 2014: Vine now supports uploading videos from your camera roll! In the latest update to the Vine iOS App (version 2.5.0) Vine has finally allowed users to directly import existing videos from your phone. No more hacks, 3rd party services or workarounds needed.

When I first heard about Vine, I thought it would be a great platform to share six second teasers or trailers of some of my longer form video content that was already produced, so I was a little disappointed when I downloaded Vine for the first time only to discover that it wasn’t intended to be used that way.

Honestly, I haven’t done much with Vine other than set up my profile since I originally downloaded it….Until now!

After doing a little bit of research, I finally discovered how to work around the system to upload and share a custom premade video to Vine.

So without further ado, here’s how to get a six second video off your computer and in to Vine!

(note: this tutorial was made using an iPhone 4. However, these instructions will work on any iOS or Android device. Just make sure you download the appropriate file manager listed below.)

Before You Start

Install this software on your computer if you don’t already have it.

  • iPhone Users: Get iExplorer for navigating the files on your iOS device
  • Android Users: Use Android File Manager for navigating the files on your Android device
  • Handbrake for manipulating the settings on your video

Once your software is installed, you’re ready to move on

1. Create Your Vine Video

Select your source video and launch your favorite video editing software (I’m a Sony Vegas Pro kinda guy) to create a video that is six seconds or less. You need to render it with the following settings:

  • Video Size: 480×480 pixels
  • Video Codec: H.264 (.mp4)
  • Final file size less than 1.5MB

2. Prepare your video for Vine with Handbrake

Here are screenshots of how your Handbrake Settings should look:

Once you’re set, hit the Start Button and Handbrake will process your video clip.

3. Launch Vine on your iOS or Android Device

Here’s where the trickery begins. Launch your Vine app and begin making a video. Make sure you stop the recording before you use all six seconds of time. Exit the Vine App and go to your home screen before continuing on to step 4.

4a. Use iExplorer

Set your iPhone aside and load up iExplorer on your computer

  • Select Files Tab → Apps → VIne
  • Navigate to the tmp folder
  • Drag and Drop the video you created into the tmp folder
  • Now look for the temporary .mp4 file that was created when you began recording your video in the Vine app (looks like temp_record_123456789.012345.mp4)
  • Copy the filename of the temp file, and then rename it to something else
  • Now rename your custom video by pasting the filename you just copied

4b. Use Android File Manager

  • Open your DCIM folder
  • Navigate to the Vine directory
  • Follow the rest of the instructions in 4a

(Thanks to Will for originally providing the Andrioid info in the comments section. Follow him on twitter!)

5. Back To Vine

Pick up your phone and open back up your Vine app. Hit the green check mark and now instead of seeing the little video you began to record on your phone, you should see your custom, premade video in Vine waiting to be shared with the world!

6. Finish It Up

If you are creating a teaser Vine to promote a longer video on YouTube, Vimeo or your Web-Site be sure to include a short link to your content in the body of your post.

Please note that much like Instagram, Vine doesn’t support url links within the body of your post. However, when you share your Vine simultaneously to Twitter or Facebook, your link will be clickable.

What Are You Waiting For?

Before you fire up that video editor to start your new custom Vine project, do me a couple of favors. Bookmark this page in your browser so you have easy access to these instructions and share this post with your followers on twitter. Just click this logo→  Market Punch Click To Tweet

Also, once you’ve uploaded your custom Vine, share the weblink to it in the comments section below so we all can enjoy your work!

While you’re there, don’t forget to add me on Vine as well, just search for Jason Stum.

PS. This is how I feel right now 🙂

My name is Jason Stum and I wrote this article (seriously…I did!). If you like what you read, please comment and subscribe to Thanks for visiting!

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  • David T. Gould

    nice work around Jason. thanks for sharing. DTG

    • Thanks for stopping by David, glad you found the post useful. If you create a Vine using the work around feel free to share the web-link with us.

  • Min Jeong Kim

    thank you for those infos. it is very helpful.

    • No problem Min, thanks for stopping by and sharing the link on Twitter. I appreciate it!

  • Dasia09


    • I’m not sure why iExplorer is crashing on you, although it is a bit of a temperamental program. It’s possible that there is too much data in your tmp folder and the program is choking while trying to load all that data. Try removing the app all together from your phone and re-installing it and see if that fixes the problem.

  • Markie09

    Now that Instagram has added video, will you be posting a similar how to for it? Or is it even possible?

    • I’m looking in to the possibilities as we speak. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!

  • Jurjen de Vries

    Thanks for posting this guide.
    I tried with Android but can’t find the directory with the temporary MP4 into it. Also when I searched the whole filesystem for MP4 files, I didn’t get a temporary MP4 file from Vine.
    Also no logical files into /Android/dta/

    Hope someone can help to get this job done with Android.

    • Hey Jurjen, thanks for dropping by. I wish I had an Android device to test with. If any Android users can share their knowledge here in the comments, we’d all appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Ram Chadalavada

      Hey Jurjen, I am facing the exact same problem. Cannot not find the temporary MP4 file. Have you been able to find out the reason or a solution?

      • No, sorry, no solution. We used an Iphone to get the job done.

      • actuallynini

        Hit Refresh

  • jess

    does this not work? every time i post a video it disapears

    • James

      Same thing is happening to me. It shows up for me in my timeline but not as an official post and nobody else can see it.

      • Hey guys, this is still working. I just uploaded this custom Vine to be sure.

        Make sure you are encoding with a Mono audio stream. If all the A/V settings aren’t exactly the way I outline in the article, your custom video won’t post. It’ll do exactly what you both describe.

        Let me know if you need a hand. Thanks!

  • Will

    Ok, to find the directory for Android, its under the DCIM folder, then in Vine

    • Thanks for the info Will, I’ll add your instructions to the body of the post later today. Have you posted a custom Vine yet?

  • kilerb

    Worked perfectly for me, but nobody saw the video. It’s weird. If people look at my profile it is there… But when I upload one using this method successfully, both times it got zero likes. Even my stupidest videos get some likes and this one was good. I have a few thousand followers. Nothing. Yet if they search it out they can find it.

    • Well this is an interesting development. It seems that the custom videos are now not showing up in the Vine stream once uploaded, even though they make it to our profiles and are accessible on the web. They can also be shared via Facebook & Twitter from the app after you upload.

      Going to have to dig a little deeper to see what is preventing the custom videos from hitting the general Vine stream. Stay tuned.

      • kilerb

        Hey Jason… Have you successfully uploaded one that hits the general Vine stream yet? I think my settings are all correct. Followed the tutorial every step of the way. They show up but nobody sees them unless they actually visit my page.

        • Because I wasn’t active on Vine until I posted my first custom video, it’s hard for me to determine if the vids not showing in the stream is a recent development or if it was always that way.

          Either way, it seems to be the case now that even though the custom videos are making it to our profiles, they are not hitting the general Vine stream which is where the true value of this workaround would be.

          I’ll have to dig even deeper to see if there’s a way to get it in the stream. I have a few theories in mind to test out once time permits. I’ll keep you updated

          • kilerb

            Thanks! Would love for it to function correctly. My assumption is if we can replicate a vine video PERFECTLY, there’s no way it can differentiate from a custom one we upload. But I could be wrong. It seems it must be one of 3 things… A. The video format is a little off from theirs. B. The audio stream is a bit off. C. The app somehow knows there’s a switch being made and even if we do it 100% right it won’t allow it to hit the stream some way or another.

          • Good points..I’m starting to think it’s #C, or my other theory is that it’s a timing issue. For example, starting a 3 second Vine on the app and replacing it with a 6 second custom video somehow throws it off.

            On another note, I tried to upload two custom Vines yesterday using the workaround as posted and both failed to even stay on my profile.

            It seems Vine may have patched up the ability to post a custom video using this method. Still looking for a bit more confirmation before I declare this workaround dead.

          • kilerb

            I was thinking the same thing… But the number 1 video all day yesterday sure looked like a custom video. Check out the latest one by Ry Doon. (The one with the widescreen black bars in case he uploads another by the time you see this.) It’s definitely not made by the Vine cam. And it sure looks too clear to have been pointed at a monitor.

          • Kevin Kevikevz San Juan

            This was before the update so Marcus Johns may actually have been the reason Vine found out about this.

          • kilerb

            But videos weren’t hitting the stream for us before the update too. So I think that’s not the case. I still believe there is a way to do this.

          • Kevin Kevikevz San Juan

            I tried different things for about 2 hours. I’d get excited because it seem to show up in the stream. I could “like” my vine and even comment but as soon as I refreshed it would disappear. This is really a bummer. I was trying to use this technique on instagram but I haven’t been able to get it to work either. :/

          • kilerb

            I think Orange Cineday’s latest video is a custom upload! Check it out… I really believe there is a way to do this properly still 🙂

          • Is it the one dated May 26th?

          • Brandi

            I think it is an encoding issue. A Vine user “Vine Mashups” is still uploading custom videos. The last one was 2 hours ago.

          • Hey Brandi, I’m working on an update to this post that will include the current, working video encoding settings. Thanks a gazillion for taking the time to email me, the details you provided helped a lot!

          • kilerb

            I knew we could figure it out. Well, I knew you could! Ha!

          • Tutorial is updated with new Handbrake Settings and is currently working. Custom videos are sticking on my profile and hitting the general Vine stream.

          • kilerb

            Just tried it and it is still not hitting the stream for me. I didn’t see any differences in the handbrake settings from the old tutorial, but of course i’m just going off memory. What was changed? I wonder if exporting from Adobe Premiere is screwing things up because there are so many settings like Field Order, Pixel Aspect Ratio, frame rate etc that aren’t specified in any of the step 1 “Create Your Vine” settings above. But I figured handbrake would fix anything that was not correct. Any ideas? My pixel aspect ratio is set to “square pixels” Ugh… There’s just too many settings on the premiere export settings and I don’t even know where to begin. Bit rate, filed order… Anyone have luck with premiere? Thanks!

          • Hmmm…Very strange. I just posted two and they both definitely hit the stream.

            A couple things have changed from the original tutorial. For one, you have to exit the Vine app completely after starting your Vine video and before you copy your custom video to the tmp folder and rename the files in iExplorer.

            Also, a few of the Handbrake encoding options have changed. Frame Rate is 30FPS | Average Bit Rate is 500kbps and there’s a checkbox that needs to be unticked on the Advanced Tab.

            If you still can’t get it to work, you can email me your source vid and I’ll see if I can get it to post. I suppose there’s the off chance that Premiere is doing something goofy to the file.

            My email address is in the header of the site.

            Good Luck and let me know if I can help!

          • kilerb

            Ha….. The old version of the tutorial must have been in my browser cache. I just refreshed the page and everything changed. Trying again….

        • Finally some success! I just added and tested video encoding settings that seem to be 100% working. Custom Vine stayed on my profile and hit the general Vine stream.

          I provided a brief update in the original post, and will update the tutorial as soon as I can. In the meantime. here’s the settings you need to use to encode your custom video.

          • kilerb

            What are the differences? Just the highlighted part that says “Advanced Video Codec?” I don’t see that in Premiere.

          • Sorry for the confusion…that screen shot I posted actually contains all the different encoding settings and their values that you’ll need to make your video with.

            I’m working on creating a new step-by-step guide to process your video and get it on Vine. In the meantime, I posted that image for those who come to the site and are familiar enough with video encoding to take it from there on their own.

            Hope to have the new guide done soon. Thanks!

          • kilerb

            Awesome… I tried this morning with Premiere Pro, but a lot of those settings on your screen capture aren’t even options that I see in Premiere. I’m sure once you have the step by step going, it’ll be easier. I don’t have Vegas. How many differences were there between the original tutorial and the way that succeeeded? Maybe if it’s just one or 2 things, that’s all people really need to know. Anyway, I know you’re busy and you’ll get things up as soon as you can. Thanks for posting all the info!

      • Shujib

        Maybe they implemented some kind of checksum along with the videos? See my response above – I am on a Galaxy S4.

        • Ram Chadalavada

          Hi Shujib,
          I am on a S3 and see the same behavior in the cache/videos directory. Did you get any further with this? Thanks.

  • Jack NUMBER

    The Android folder change with the last update :
    – in Vine, click on Finish to see the preview
    – with a File Manager (like ES Explorer), go to Android/dada/ and replace the “preview.mp4”

    • Shujib

      This does not seem to work for me. Did you try this? I believe it cache’s the recently taken video in memory — even after you replace preview.mp4 – it remembers holds a cached version which does not appear. It only appears after you post the video .. eg. 79c0b3120a656d9cdae2827c38a9f52d and 79c0b3120a656d9cdae2827c38a9f52d.0 in the video folder.

      • Jack NUMBER

        A friend says to it doesn’t work anymore… I success one time but I didn’t retry it.

  • Lexi

    I did my first one and clicked the green check mark, but it’s taking forever to load and for the next button to appear. Did I miss up?

    • It sounds like it Lexi. Are you on an iPhone or Android?

      • Lexi

        iPhone. I got that one to work and I tried my second one and it uploads but then disappears.

        • If the video uploads and then disappears, that means the video file wasn’t formatted properly in Handbrake.

        • actuallynini

          “i think i figured out how to get past videos not uploading. After you copy and paste the file name and go back into vine, before you hit next, record one frame with vine by just tapping the screen once really quick and covering up the camera so it’s just a black screen, then hit next.”

          source: Dustin Walters via YouTube

    • actuallynini

      “i think i figured out how to get past videos not uploading. After you copy and paste the file name and go back into vine, before you hit next, record one frame with vine by just tapping the screen once really quick and covering up the camera so it’s just a black screen, then hit next.”

      source: Dustin Walters via YouTube

  • Lexi

    And when I open handbrake, do I put the video in the destination and for the source?

    • Source is the file you wish to modify. Destination is where you want the file to save to once it’s processed through Handbrake.

  • Shannon Hubbell

    I was able to successfully post a video, and it’s visible in the app, but the external links don’t appear to be working. When I post it to twitter I get a page not found. Any thoughts?

  • Tymere Berry

    Hey I Have An Andriod Phone And I Just Wanted To Know What Would The Process To Upload Custom Vids To Vine From An Android Phone Be?

  • Connor Towne

    I have been trying to do that all day. I read that you said if it uploads then disappears then it wasn’t properly modified in Handbrake, but I did everything that you listed. Help?

    • Connor, I hate to say it but it looks like the crew at Vine has patched the app so this workaround no longer works. Trying a couple of more things before I post an official announcement.

      • Sarah Butler

        just followed this and it works just fine! Thanks 🙂 Now to try something for instagram…

  • Tim Sorbera

    Vine is now at 1.2.0. I’m having trouble following this tutorial: the temporary video doesn’t appear in the /DCIM/Vine/ directory where it should be, or in /Android/data/ Have they changed how this works? Does anyone know how to do it with the newest version?

    • R U FF O

      dude, same problem here: DCIM/vine folder is empty and my android/data/… folder is full of temp. files but not a single video or something -_-

      • R U FF O

        in fact I can’t even upload new videos now, I have a list of “failed to upload” videos waiting.

        • knocked

          same here -_-

          • R U FF O

            dude, I had to reinstall and delete all the cache data from the app :/ so I lost my “in queue” videos, that worked for me, now Vine works fine.

    • Jason Frega

      Searched around with root explorer and found /data/data/ this was the temp file I had just recorded. (This directory did not show up on my PC when I connected the phone, also I had to split screen to open root explorer over vine because just hitting home killed my recording in process thus removed the temp video.)

      After that I used root explorer to copy my file to that destination and renamed it to 0.mp4 I went back to vine and hit next, it worked and played in the preview screen.

      When I went to post the video, it just failed, everytime I try to re-upload it fails. But hey at least I got the video to the right spot.

  • Lexi

    Is there a way I can use handbrake and iexplorer to upload a photo iv already taken onto snapchat?

  • Karlee

    When I’m on iExplorer and I go to tmp, the video I shot with vine won’t show up!! So I try and shoot a new one but the old one comes up, or someone else’s vine!!

    • Lexi

      Idk if this helps, but scroll all the way to the bottom in the tmp folder, and if it isnt the very last one then close iexplorer, record a new one, and then open iexplorer and see if its there then

      • Karlee

        That’s what I do and the old sample vine shows up!

  • Kevin Kevikevz San Juan

    Jason, I’ve been trying this method with the instagram video app to no avail. Have you given it a go? The tempory files seem to be under Library>Application Support>Instagram>Videos

    • Hey Kevin, the day Instagram gave us the option to shoot Video I tried using this method. It didn’t work. I haven’t had too much time to tinker with it, but I have run across a couple of custom videos on Instagram, so it’s definitely possible.

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  • Ok, I’m pulling my hair out here. Something has changed, I just don’t know what. I’ve tried re-uploading videos that successfully made it to my Vine profile (even if they didn’t hit the stream). Each one has failed to stay live this time around. Trying to figure out exactly what is going on.

  • I just updated my original post with a screenshot of the video encoding settings needed to get your custom video on Vine. For those not technically inclined, I’m working to update steps 1 & 2 in the post to make the correct encoding as easy as possible.

    Thanks for being patient!

  • Glen de Marcos

    Android is quite more complex than what is especified here (fragmentation of OS and so on) didn’t help much

  • mike

    Can you please post the new update encode I have been trying to figure it out and its driving me crazy!!

    • Hey Mike, I’m running into a bit of trouble getting the encoding settings straight using free and/or easy to use software. Hope to have the final update complete later this week. Thanks!

  • suntereo

    Wondering if you’ve got time to update your blog to show how to use Handbrake to encode for the recent changes. I spent all evening on it and my videos are disappearing after refreshing Vine. Or maybe some screens showing how to set those settings in the program you use. Thanks so much!

    • mike

      I am in the same situation…. They upload show on the home screen right after…. Then once I leave that screen they are gone….

  • Cristina

    Hi Jason! I have been trying for hours to make this work and am pulling my hair out. I am on an iphone and get my custom video to upload to vine every time, only to have it disappear once I refresh. From reading the comments, it seems that I am confused as to which the correct specs are for this to work. Could you please let me know what the correct settings are? Thanks so much!

    • Cristina, I updated the tutorial to include the most current, and working, instructions. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

    • actuallynini

      “i think i figured out how to get past videos not uploading. After you copy and paste the file name and go back into vine, before you hit next, record one frame with vine by just tapping the screen once really quick and covering up the camera so it’s just a black screen, then hit next.”..

      source: Dustin Walters via YouTube

  • ClareCarney

    Hi Jason, I’ve followed all the steps but when I pick up my phone and return to the Vine app the video on the screen is not replaced with my custom one – the one I filmed in the app remains. Any ideas?

    • Hi Clare, when you return to Vine, are you hitting the Arrow to move on to the next stage? That’s when you’ll see your custom video if you’ve followed the rest of the steps correctly. Let me know if you’re still having issues. Thanks!

  • jesper

    Did they patch it? Every time it works fine, it actually uploads the video and it is actually in my timeline but once I restart the app it’s just gone. Neither can I share the link, the link is there but I get a ‘page not found’ message:

    • GeorgeHopcraft

      I also have this problem, the file uploads fine, goes into my stream for a split second, and then, gone!

  • Works great with iPhone 4S. Thanks Jason!

  • Jacob

    After i upload it, the video disappears. what am i doing wrong?

    • Kalvin P

      Same problem with me. Followed exactly, disappeared.

  • Steven Trung Nguyen

    I would like to see an update for this :/

  • Kalvin P

    Hey Jason, it’s August 18th. I have done exactly what you’ve told me. Did the Handbrake encoding exactly and when I open the Vine app, press the green check mark, the custom video was there but after a few seconds of refreshing, the video is gone from the feed. Have you found out why? Thanks!

    • actuallynini

      “i think i figured out how to get past videos not uploading. After you copy and paste the file name and go back into vine, before you hit next, record one frame with vine by just tapping the screen once really quick and covering up the camera so it’s just a black screen, then hit next.”…..

      source: Dustin Walters via YouTube

      • Thanks for passing this info along Nini, I updated the post to include this step. Appreciate it! 🙂

  • GeorgeHopcraft

    I think the reason Vine is removing files for some people as they enter the stream, are when the file goes through HandBrake, some settings may be wrong, thus Vine removing the video. So i’ve tried my hardest to copy your settings, but you are using Windows? and some settings on the Mac version are different/not there. I could be wrong though 🙂

  • djkela

    I am an android user and I have the same problem too. DCIM/VINE/ (there is no TEMP video or file while we stop recording…)

  • djkela

    THE NAME OF THE TEMPORARY FILE IS CALLED “preview.mp4” good luck

  • Carson Kompon

    It’s not working anymore for Android. I found a preview.mp4 in Android/data/ and tried replacing that, but it didn’t work. Can someone help me?

  • James

    Hmm. I can get the Vine to post to the app using the new method of tapping the screen before finishing. However, when uploading to twitter the video is all distorted and broken up. Almost as if it is a corrupted video. The audio plays through, can someone else confirm or help with a solution? I’ve tried with multiple accounts.


  • Jared.c.Rogers

    So by following this article and its updates, I’m able to keep my Vines online. For some reason they only playback on my phone (via Vine, Twitter, embed etc). On a desktop browser it is corrupted. See here: Any further updates to prevent this?

    • Hey Jared, thanks for confirming what seems to be a new wrinkle in the process. I’ll see if I can find a solution to this new problem. Thanks!

      • Annie Quick

        Oh, how I hope you find a solution! Pins and needles!

        • Jack Germain

          need a solution haha hope someone finds it soon

  • Kalvin P

    Hey Jason, it’s me again. It is 9/11/13. I followed the codecs exactly, have my video way under 1.5 mb. I did this step: After you copy and paste the file name and go back into vine, before you hit next, record one frame with vine by just tapping the screen once really quick and covering up the camera so it’s just a black screen, then hit next.” HOWEVER, after I do that and click next arrow, the finished video is of that small frame I tapped to record, not my customized video. Is this a new problem that has to do with the Handbrake settings? Let me know, thanks!

    • Rawfish

      handbrake settings I use are— Iphone 4 in advanced tab. Audio to mono_ bitrate to 128 or 160. Avg bitrate to 800 or less in video tab. custm settings in picture, type 480 everywhere. uncheck keep aspect ratio. then start. it worked everytime. this new update however sucks. i want vine 1.3.1 back

  • Rawfish

    is there anway to download an older version of vine? i was uploading custom vines perfectly and alot where longer than 6 seconds even, but since the update, i cannot upload any custom vines anymore. I did not backup and sync my device to itunes before so cant get an older version there. If i can download vine version 1.3.1 anywhere, please tell me.

    • Marvin Caesar

      For Android, I was able to find an apk version of Vine 1.0.1, but I’m still not seeing any file in the DCIM/Vine folder. ALSO, I’ve tried the method of replacing the preview.mp4 file in SDCARD/Android/co.vine/cache, but as soon as it uploads, it uploads the original Vine ‘test video’ I shoot instead of the one I edited on my computer

    • Marvin Caesar

      There HAS to be a way though. If you look at PIXAR VINES account, I’m pretty sure that person is uploading via hack or something –>

      • Hey Marvin, everything is working properly now. The instructions have been updated and verified.

        • Marvin Caesar

          Is there anything new in the instructions because it seems like nothing has changed. I’ve tried it again, but as soon as I upload it, it shows my feed, BUT once I refresh it, it disappears. Thanks for the comment though! 🙂

          • After you swap out your tmp file for your custom video, when you go back to the Vine App, you no longer have to record a split second of a blank screen.

            If your video is disappearing, there’s probably something off in your Handbrake settings. Give it another try as this process is working fine for me. Thanks!

          • Marvin Caesar

            FIGURED IT OUT! For some reason, when I try to convert it through Handbrake on my Macbook, it doesn’t successfully upload on Vine, BUT when I convert it through Handbrake on my PC, it uploads! Weird! All the settings are the same so I don’t know why that’s the case…but it works!

            Thanks for all your help Jason!

          • Dav

            Hi marvin. Can you explain how you do that? I have a galaxy s2 but i am not able to upload custom video. I have tried to replace preview.mp4 but it doesn’t work.

          • Marvin Caesar

            Dav, I forgot to mention that I used an iPod to upload it. Still can’t figure out how to get it upload on Android. Sorry!

  • Jack Germain

    Some one fine a new way please hahaha. I have been trying since the new bug but havnt been able since 9-9-13

  • Ginette

    at post on
    how to create your own custom videos, I actually do a lot of custom videos! I
    actually do a lot of custom videos myself especially cartoon and puppet videos
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  • Brian Burch

    I uploaded using this method from an Iphone. My video is working for iphone users but not playing for droid users… anyone know why and has a fix for this problem?

  • Lupe Capell

    First of all thanks for your tutorial! But I’ve tried it all a thousand times and it doesn’t work to me. I get to see the video uploaded in my Vine timeline but when i try to share it, it always happens the same, I see a “Page not found in Vine” I don’t know what else to try. I even have tried encoding the video in handbrake in a PC (I usually work in mac) as someone suggested but nothing. Could it be possible that IOS 7 have closed those options? Watching them TMP folder in Iexplorer I see that the files that I’ve properly recorede using Vine authomatically create a file that starts with “videourl” but the ones I upload via iexplorer don’t create that file, and I think the problem is in those files. Does anyone know another way to do it? It is very important to me as I work in media and we’d need to do that asap. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Jack Germain

    has anyone been able to do one longer then 6 sec?

  • Cam Ransburgh

    Whenever I upload my vine it runs on the news feed a couple times and then turns into a green/grey screen and glitches. Do you know of anyway to fix this? I have everything in handbreak and iExplorer right.

    • Hamiltonian

      I also have this problem too.

      • Jay Alvarrez

        yeah meto whats going on?

    • Kalvin P

      Same ughhhhhhhh….

  • Hamiltonian

    Hey, Jason! It doesn’t seem to work on my mac! I’ve tried doing this multiple times and it appears in my timeline, then when I refresh, it deletes! Anyone got any clues? 🙁

  • Jay Alvarrez

    it all works good for me until i upload it works a couple times and the screen turns grey does anyone know what i did wrong? please reply or help me out thanks everyone… also anyone find a way for more then 6 seconds?

  • Jason Frega

    When I use the settings shown in your images to encode the video I can get the video into the app, it plays fine there, but when I enter my description and post the post always fails. I followed the images above exactly. I also tried some different formats (Android/iPhone/Android Tablet/etc) none work.

    I’m on Android 4.2.2 with Vine 1.3.5

    Any ideas? Anyone else figure out a fix?

    • Jason Frega

      This is still an issue for me, I have used the exact handbrake settings from the OP, as well as a few others to guess and check. Anyone figure this out?

      • Sorry for the issues you’re having Jason. I don’t have an Android phone, so I can’t speak to your issue specifically.

        One thing I did recently discover is that if you render your video without an Audio Track, the upload to Vine will fail every time.

        If you are stuck, feel free to email me your video clip and I’ll check it out and see if I can get it to work. You can reach me at


        • Jason Frega

          Thank you for the response. I have been trying this for weeks with a few different videos and several different settings. I will definitely send you a couple examples to check out.

          I have been putting a Mono Audio track on the videos with 44.1 and 128

          Thanks again for the response.

  • Tony

    Jason, it seems to be working for me. The videos are showing up in my account and when i share to web, but how do i check to see if it is showing up in the main Vine stream?

    • Cam Ransburgh

      what version of vine do you have? and are you running ios7? Id like to know what you did since I cant get mine to work.

      • Tony

        I’m on IOS 6.1.3, using an iPodTouch 4th Gen. Vine version 1.3.1

  • Jordan Blais

    Tried This Several Times The Video Uploads then Dissapears?

  • Jay Alvarrez

    has anyone found a hack or to get around the patch so we can make longer videos and better quality?

  • Demont Daniel

    I can’t find the tmp mp4 on Android. Instructions are not clear

  • Kalvin P

    None of this works for me anymore. After following the steps exactly, I go back to Vine to see my custom video and wait a couple seconds, go to my profile, then see that my video is glitched and a green/gray screen appears while the video is still playing. This sucks b/c all I’m trying to do is upload vids that are under 6 seconds, no SFX or videos longer than 6 seconds. Does anyone have a way to fix this problem????

    • Kalvin P

      Oh shit, nevermind, I think it worked! Like you said above you don’t have to record a blank frame anymore, so I tried it and my video didn’t have any problems. I’ll let you know if I’ll have problems in the future, hopefully I don’t!

  • James Worrell

    HI, the upload is no longer working after upgrading to ios7 on my iphone 4s or iPad. any workarounds?

  • James Worrell

    not working after upgrading to ios7 on iPhone 4s. any advice?

    • co_r

      Not that I know of but it works fine for me on ios6 you can always restore back to ios6 unless this a feature your not too worried about :p

  • Rob O’Connell

    Hey Jason I have a question. I have no trouble doing the trick and the video i want shows up in my preview just fine. Just when I hit the arrow and post it to vine it reverts back to the scrap i used earlier. any idea why this is happening?

  • dariusthabeast22 .

    this isn’t working for my iphone 5s ios7. please find a way around this. right when I press the arrow “an error has occurred” happens

  • William Samuelsson

    I found my
    vine video differently on my android, I downloaded the android file manager
    went in to internal storage and then I looked for a file named android from
    there I went in to data and and cache and then look for a mp4
    file and do the same as the description

  • Carson Kompon

    What do we do now with vine 1.4? The temp file isn’t there anymore :/

  • Joao C Bauer Junim

    which and the procedure to do the vine 1.4?

  • leocal88

    WHatever you do don’t update vine the new 1.4 changed the temp files now I am unable to see and change it with my custom one, has anyone figured it out yet???

    • defrost

      Now (1.4) the temp file is inside documents—>current – but it doesn’t work anyway. At least, am not able to do it and I followed the tutorial entirely. Jason, did you try it with Vine 1.4. Did it worked?

  • Rotciv

    iOS 1.4 Not Work Anymore! 🙁


    Is there a new way to do this since the update? This method no longer works! : ( iphone 4 here THANKS

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  • Shawn Carter

    Android method isn’t working…can someone figure this out? I’d like to make some special effects vines sometime soon.

  • Kalvin P

    Vine 1.4.1 update
    The file when you record and click back home doesn’t show up in the tmp file anymore. Did they patch this. Is there still a way to upload a custom video?? Pleae let me know!

  • dariusthabeast22 .

    I think this will work for the drafts it someone can find me the format of the vine videos

  • M.k. Bang

    The new update (1.4.2) is preventing me from uploading the custom video. temp recordings don’t even show up in iExplorer anymore. Does anyone know how to upload custom vines with the new update?

  • Meekohi

    We’ve released a new iOS App that lets you post straight to Vine from your camera roll without any hacks! Check out Vinyet:

    • Well I’ll spend the $1.99 and give it a whirl. Thanks for passing it along!

      • Abdiel Garcia

        The app Vineyet is great. I updated vine to version 1.4.3 and I was not able to upload since the temp files had been changed. But with the Vineyet app I was able to custom make a video with my computer and I simply emailed myself the video that I made so that i could save it to my phone. I then used the app up to upload and it worked great.

    • Successfully tested and works rather smooth. I’ll update this post with a link to your app. Best of luck and let me know if there’s anything I can to to help. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares about iOs????? Apple is shit anyway!!

  • Gerow

    On a Mac use iMovie to edit. Share–>Export to Quicktime. Use the settings in the pics. Then Using Android File Share or iExplore do it the same as before.
    Android File share: Android–>data–>–>file–>draft. Then copy the name rename your edited video on your desktop and drag it in.

    • Gerow

      You dont need Handbrake at all. actually did the same thing on handbrake and it didnt work

  • Ilia Bakhshi
  • Problem The temp file isn’t there anymore

  • clm123

    How do you install HandBrake on your android tablet? I cant download it:(