How To Search Hashtags Across Multiple Social Media Networks

While hashtags are great for discovering and organizing information, I’ve always wanted an easy way to search one hashtag across multiple social media networks.

Recently while listening to the Social Media Marketing Podcast, Michael Stelzner’s Discovery of the Week was, a website where you can enter a hashtag and it aggregates the hashtag content across multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Vine…all at the same time!


Simply type in the hashtag you want to explore on, and BAM! you’re greeted with a pleasant looking, almost pinterest-like, results page displaying posts related to your hashtag across multiple social media networks.

The best part is, if you connect your social media accounts, you can engage with the posts you discovered right from itself. Comment on Facebook status updates, retweet tweets, like Instagram pictures and more!

As a Digital Marketing Manager who wears many hats, I love discovering new tools that make my job easier. Here’s how I’ve been using since I discovered it.

Content Curation

One of my biggest challenges when in comes to Social Media is discovering unique and interesting content to share with the audiences of our 16 different automotive brands.

That’s a lot of content to curate, and by using I can easily search on brand related hashtags. Whether it’s the brand name itself, or a related campaign, will show you the conversations happening around that hashtag.


Track an Event Hashtag

Flashback to last October to the DrivingSales Executive Summit. Attendees are all feverishly sharing info and connecting with their peers on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Facebook using hashtag #DSES.

If you wanted to follow along or join the conversation on more than one social media network, it wasn’t easy using your smartphone or tablet to switch back and forth between your various social media apps. Invariably, you were going to get lost or frustrated and miss out on the fun.

This year at DSES simply bookmark on your preferred mobile device, and because of it’s mobile responsive design, you can monitor all the #DSES related conversation across multiple social networks right from one browser tab!


Social Monitoring can also be a handy tool when it comes to online reputation management. By occasionally searching for the hashtag of the LaFontaine Automotive Group, #TheFamilyDeal, I can easily see where it’s being used and identify opportunities to engage with a consumer.


So there you go folks. One more free and useful tool for your toolbox that you can start using TODAY!

Whether it’s finding new content to share or keeping tabs on particular hashtags, has you covered.

If you haven’t already done so, click on over to and give it a try.

Did you find this tip useful? Let me know what you think of and how you plan on using it in the comments section below!

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