How One Video Can Sell One Car in 20 Minutes

What you see below is the first video I ever produced for a customer waaaay back in 2008. I believe this video still serves as a great example of how a Sales Professional, BDC Rep or Internet Manager can harness the power of video to create a connection with a potential customer that will lead directly to a sale.

So you might be wondering, how can  one video sell one car in 20 minutes? Here’s how it happened my very first time and many times after that….

It was a typical day at the Hyundai dealership I was working at in 2008 when I took a phone call from a person who was interested in the 2008 Hyundai Entourage as the next vehicle for her family.

She lived close to 50 miles away from our dealership and flatly declared that she was not interested in coming to inspect the minivan for herself unless it worked with her budget of being less than $400 per month.

Not being put off by the “How much is it?” question, I asked a few more questions of my own to get a better understanding of her needs, collected her contact info including an email address and asked if it was ok to get back with her shortly with more info.

She said “sure” but reminded me, if it was going to be more than $400 a month, not to bother calling back.

I had just been introduced to the idea of producing one-to-one videos for customers by Joe Senac of Gladhaus Productions, and he happened to be in the building at the time.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I grabbed Joe and the Entourage and we shot this video for my customer (in one take no less!)

Less than 20 minutes later I am emailing this video to my customer and following up with a phone call.

Needless to say she’s WOW’ed by the video presentation and sets an appointment for that night.

Now here’s the great part. Did you notice that no where in that video did I say how much a monthly payment might be? All I did was speak to her wants, needs and desires and show her the vehicle.

I can also tell you that when I followed up with a phone call to set the appointment, payment was not discussed at all.

By providing a quality response and professionally presenting a solution to her needs, the “How Much” question went away.

When she and her family arrived for their appointment, I also knew my job was no where near complete.

I proceeded to give the family a first class walkaround, take them for a test drive, give a service walk, introduce them to my sales manager – all while building value in myself & the dealership the entire time.

After they agreed that the Hyundai Entourage was the right vehicle for their family, it was time to finally talk about the numbers.

It just so happened that with the incentivized financing and a small down payment, she was able to achieve her goal of having a monthly payment of less than $400 and agreed to take delivery on the spot. Hooray!

For the record, her payment came out to be $397 per month….BEFORE she opted to get the Appearance Protection and Wheel & Tire packages which then brought her monthly payment up to $425 a month. Say What?!

Is it shocking that she went over their budget by $25 per month? Not at all. Why? Because it all came down to building value. I was able to show the value in doing business with myself and the dealership while clearly showing the value in the Entourage and the additional F&I Products.

Was video alone responsible for this feat? Absolutely not, but it sure helped set the expectation. In the end, I still had a job to do. If I didn’t do a thorough presentation when they arrived at the dealership, I still could have bungled the deal.

If I would have breezed over the sales process and went right to numbers would I have still sold the minivan? Perhaps, but only on price. I know for a fact they would have declined the F&I products. I also would have missed out on the relationship and referrals that developed from the experience.

It all started with a phone call and 20 minutes of my time to make and send a video. After that, I still had to do my job.

In the end, this one video led directly to one sale and was the first of many videos I would shoot over the next few years.

You can do this too, TODAY and you don’t need much to get started. Just remember – video doesn’t sell cars, people sell cars with video.

Join myself and Joe Senac for Episode 5 of the MarketPunch Podcast on Friday, January 10, 2014 as we discuss how you can travel down the road to Video Success in your Dealership.

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  • You know why I love this article? Because its a REAL story!

    In my experience many dealership salesmen and saleswomen make walk around vehicles because a vendor or consultant told them to. Because of that, they dont come off as believable on camera. It just becomes a vox that needs to be ticked off as part of the process.

    This video had a clear purpose, was a great solution to break down the potential geographical boundaries of the sale, and you showed your personality.

    Your dealership received residual benefits too because you represented them well. This video will live as testament to that.

    Oh yeah… AND you sold the vehicle! 🙂

    Nice job Jason!

    • You know for as few comments that I get here on the blog, you’d think I’d be able to respond to all of them in a timely manner 😉

      I have no idea how I missed this one @bruce_etzcorn:disqus. So from me to you, here’s a heartfelt Thank You for posting that’s 7 months over due!

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