A New Top Level Domain For Your .Blog

Two years ago I wrote an article covering 27 new top level domains that you should be aware of for your dealership. One of those upcoming TLDs I talked about was the .blog domain extension.

At the time, we didn’t know too much about it other than that it was ‘coming soon’. Well here we are a couple of years later and the curtain just got pulled back revealing the surprising details.

It turns out Automattic – the parent company of WordPress – was the entity that secured the rights to oversee the development and deployment of the .blog top level domain.

.blog top level domain

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic explains the move on his personal blog:

It’s now public that Automattic is the company behind Knock Knock Whois There LLC, the registry for the new .blog TLD. (And a great pun.) We wanted to stay stealth while in the bidding process and afterward in order not to draw too much attention, but nonetheless the cost of the .blog auction got up there. I’m excited we won and think that it will be both an amazing business going forward and give lots of folks an opportunity to have a fantastic domain name in a new namespace and with an easy-to-say TLD.

Like the .car .cars and .auto top level domains, the new .blog TLD can provide you with the opportunity to capture a significant piece of real estate on the web.

A special thanks to Chris K. Leslie, Director of eCommerce for the Heinrich Automotive Group, for co-authoring this post. Cheers!  -Jason

.blog domain FAQ

Looking for more general info about the .blog extension like how much it will cost, and when you can get yours? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

Do I need to use WordPress to get a .blog domain?

.blog domains will be available to anyone around the world. A WordPress.com site is not required when registering a .blog domain. You don’t even have to use WordPress.

How can I reserve my .blog name?

Trademark owners should apply to register domains during the sunrise period in August 2016. Other premium names may be reserved during the landrush period in October 2016.

When will .blog domain extensions be available?

The .blog domains will go on sale to the public on November 21, 2016.

How much will a .blog domain cost?

The retail price for a .blog domain is $39.99. However I’ve already seen prices as low as $27.99 and as high as $49.99 depending on the registrar.

Just like I track the cost for .car .cars and .auto domains across multiple registrars, I’ll do the same for .blog once the domains go on sale to the public so you can find the cheapest option to obtain a new website domain for your blog.

How could my dealership use a .blog address?

Normally I’d recommend a dealership host their blog on a subfolder of their root domain (i.e. yourdealer.com/blog). However this is not always possible, especially if your web platform isn’t based on WordPress or can’t integrate a WordPress installation on your domain.

There are also times where you might want to blog on behalf of an entire automotive group, so having a dedicated blog platform with it’s own domain makes a lot of sense.

In either of those scenarios, securing a .blog domain extension could be quite valuable to you.

What do you think of the new .blog top level domain? Do you plan on registering one? I know I do for one of my other projects. Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!

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