What is the Song in the Buick Enclave “Landing” Commercial? Answered

UPDATE 3/24/2013 – Thanks to the detective work of S.B. (see comments below) we now know where to go to listen to the entire song from the Buick Enclave Landing Commercial, “Not A Care” online.

1. Go to the MyAPM Music Website
2. Do an Advanced Search for “Not A Care” (be sure to include the quotes)
3. Check the Track Title box and click the search button.
4. Not A Care will be listed on the right.

Be sure to read the rest of the post to see how we got here.

Thanks S.B.! We all appreciate your hard work.


The most asked question on YouTube about the 2013 Buick Enclave Commercial titled “Landing” is What Is The Name of this Song? The music kicks in around :12 seconds and is quite catchy. After searching for a while on Google to no avail, I decided to do the smart thing and just ask the folks at Buick myself via twitter. I’ve embedded the conversation below…



Mystery solved…partially. We now know the the name of the song used in the Buick Enclave “Landing” Commercial is called ‘Not A Care’. The next step is to find the actual track to share with the world. If you run across it before I do, please post in the comments. Talk to you all soon!



UPDATE 3/12/2013 It’s funny how something as simple as a song can cause quite a stir. After not being able to track down the song in question using my elite search-fu, I had to resort once again to taking to twitter in hopes of discovering the answer. Along the way, I connected with @mcgivemeabeer who shares my passion in figuring this whole thing out. I’m happy to report that @Buick has just responded to us via twitter with more details on the song, “Not A Care”!


Mystery Finally Solved? Not yet! I still can’t find the song online. I tweeted to @APMMusic in hopes that they can provide a direct link to the full song for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned!

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  • S.B.

    Library: KPM Music
    Track Title: Not a Care (a)
    Track ID: KPM_KPM_0624_02901
    CD#: KPM 0624, #29
    Track Description: Simple, carefree theme (LC02061)
    Composers: Pearson, Johnny (PRS) (C)
    Publisher: KPM APM (ASCAP)

    (Or to make this easy, just go to http://www.apmmusic.com/myapm/main.php , click ‘Advanced Search’ on the left, and put ‘Not a Care’ into the search field, searching track titles. You want ‘Not a Care (a)’, 3m13s.

    • S.B. – Thanks a million for sharing! However, when I click the link and follow your instructions above, the advanced search turns up 0 Tracks. Am I missing something?

      • S.B.

        Looks like their search engine is a bit gimpy. You must put in “Not a care” (including the double quotes) into the search, it turns out (and again with ‘Track Titles’ checked. If you do it without the quotes, you don’t find a result.

        • Awesome S.B., thanks again. Updated the post to include your answer. You ROCK!

        • Awesome S.B., thanks again. Updated the post to include your answer. You ROCK!

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