#20: Is The Grass Greener? With Guest Allyn Hane

Welcome to Episode 20 of the MarketPunch Podcast! On this episode I’ll be joined by Allyn Hane, Digital Marketing Director of the Coastal States Automotive Group.

It’s interesting how life works out sometimes. When I decided to leave the dealership to start working at Launch Digital Marketing, Allyn was working there as the VP of Strategy. But just a few months after I started, Allyn decided to take the opposite-plunge himself and go from the vendor side of the world to the dealership side.

Allyn and I had the chance to catch up face to face at the DrivingSales Executive Summit, and we sat down to talk about our own experiences of going from the dealership to a vendor, and vice versa.

Also, when Allyn isn’t rocking it out for his automotive group, he’s also known as “The Lawn Care Nut“. With a very successful YouTube channel focused on DIY lawn care, Allyn will also share some his best practices for creating engaging video strategies that you can begin using in the dealership today!

Enjoy The Show!

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MarketPunch Podcast Tip of the Week

Ok, since we’re talking about shooting video on this episode of the MarketPunch Podcast, it only makes sense to give you a related tip of the week.

Without spoiling the interview with the Lawn Care Nut himself, we do talk about how consumers are now expecting a certain level of quality in the videos they’re watching on YouTube. While a newer iPhone or Android device is capable of capturing beautiful video in 4k at 60fps, recording clear audio from a smartphone’s built in microphone can be a bit of a challenge. Especially in outdoor settings.

In a perfect world, if you already had a wireless microphone setup, you’d be able to simply plug the wireless receiver into your device and your phone would capture the audio natively. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even though phones have an 1/8″ input, it’s not equipped to handle the signal of a wireless mic.

That’s where this iPhone Microphone Adapter from KVConnection comes into play. Simply plug this bad boy into the 1/8″ jack on your phone (works with all iPhone and most Android devices) and then connect your wireless receiver into the female end of the cable – and bingo-bango, you’re able to capture the crystal clear wireless audio as you shoot video with your phone.

One small caveat, if you have an iPhone 7, you’ll also need a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter to connect this cable.

If you don’t already have a wireless lavaliere setup here are a couple quality, yet relatively inexpensive, ones you can purchase today.

Episode 20 Highlights

During the interview, here are a few topics that Allyn and I touch on:

  • Allyn’s first impressions from going from vendor to dealer.
  • Jason’s initial reaction from going dealer to vendor.
  • How vendors and dealers can work together to achieve shared goals.
  • Why having both a Digital Marketing Director and BDC Director is important.
  • Understanding how traditional media effects your digital footprint.
  • Want your videos to be successful? You have to find your passion!
  • Have you met HondaPro Jason?
  • Plus much more!

I do hope you enjoyed this episode of the MarketPunch Podcast. If you have any thoughts on the dynamics of vendors and dealers or have questions about using video in the dealership, please post in the comments section below!

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