#19: Investing in an Automotive Digital Marketing Education with David Kain [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 19 of the MarketPunch Podcast! Today I’ll be joined by David Kain of Kain Automotive to talk about why having a solid automotive digital marketing education is the foundation to your, and your dealership’s, continued success.

If you’re not familiar with David, he’s a lifelong automotive industry enthusiast who along with his 8 brothers and sisters were raised at their family Ford Dealership where he remains a partner today.

Episode 19 of the MarketPunch Podcast - Investing in a Automotive Digital Marketing Education with David Kain

During the Internet boom in 2000 David became a co-founder and COO of FordDirect.com and then started Kain Automotive in 2003 to provide education on all things Digital because he saw the need to assist dealerships with Internet and BDC Operations.

I’m thrilled that David was able to join me on this episode of the podcast as we’re both passionate about providing useful and relevant digital marketing information to those who work in the dealership.

Enjoy The Show!

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MarketPunch Podcast Tip of the Week

Today’s MarketPunch.auto tip of the week is a web app that I use whenever I’m investigating a reported decline in organic website traffic.

If you’ve ever been in your Google Analytics and noticed a steady or drastic decline in your organic traffic, your fist thought might be to PANIC! It’s a natural feeling to have, however you don’t need to panic just yet. The first thing you should do is start doing some research to look for signs that might tell you a bigger part of the overall story behind the decline in traffic.

I have a pretty solid process in place whenever I’m looking into a situation like this, and one of the tools I use is a nifty little web app call the Panguin Tool from Barracuda Digital.

Panguin Tools from Barracuda Digital

Using the Panguin Tool is pretty straight forward. Connect the Google Analytics account that you’d like to inspect, and the app will plot a chart for you showing your organic web traffic over time. The best part though is that it will overlay on top of the chart when any major and minor updates to Google’s algorithm were made.

The result is an easy to digest visual that will allow you to see if your website may have been affected by a Penguin, Panda, Pigeon or other update to Google’s algorithm.

That being said, even if you see your organic web sessions have decreased around the time there was an update was made to the algorithm, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the direct cause. But it’s certainly a place you can center the next steps of your investigation around.

And if there’s nothing that visually suggests your website was penalized by our Google overlords, then you can move on to looking into other factors.

The State of Digital Marketing Education in the Dealership

For me, there’s a gaping hole when it comes to continuing education in the automotive retail industry. When I asked David what his take was on the issue he spoke about how there is indeed a gap, but the bigger problem is that there’s not a fluid path for those interested to follow.

With the dynamic of how our BDC and Internet personnel are often brought in to the mix of providing support for the overall digital marketing of the dealership, it often leads to individuals doing their best to fill in the information gaps they have.

Some might regularly frequent industry forums like DrivingSales.com or DealerRefresh.com. Others might head to YouTube to look for general digital marketing video resources. While some might also be motivated to go to as many industry conferences as possible. All this scrambling and running around in an effort to improve their overall skill-set.

The problem is that often times on the automotive digital marketing blogs, or at the industry events, you’ll get conflicting messages.

During the podcast, David talks about his Business Development Dealership Salesperson’s Guide. You can download the guide for FREE here. Enjoy!

I’ll never forget one conference I went to back in the day (the conference shall remain nameless to protect to reticent) a keynote speaker was on stage telling car dealers not to ‘waste their time’ on social media. It had no ROI and was just a fad.

Now this brought about a bunch of shocked faces because many of us had been using social media quite successfully for some time in our dealerships. Yet here was this alleged expert, telling us not to start at all, or stop if we had already gone down that path.

His message was in direct conflict with what others in the automotive industry had been saying. So what if you were at that particular conference and it was the only one you would be attending that year? You might have walked away thinking social media in the car dealership wasn’t a useful endeavor and passed up pursuing a big opportunity for your dealership.

In the interview, David sums this up by emphasizing that there’s a lot of complexity when it comes to digital marketing for your car dealership, and not a clear path for discovering the best practices to employ. At Kain Automotive solves this with their clients by providing them with the core competencies they need to know so the client can feel confident and be successful with digital marketing in the automotive space.

Clients & Friends Digital Success Workshop

Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Digital Success Workshop

The 12th Annual Kain Automotive Clients and Friends Digital Success workshop will take place on November 15 – 17, 2016 in Lexington, KY.

During the show, David talks why if you value building your automotive digital marketing education, this workshop is for you.

David was kind enough to offer special discounted tickets for any MarketPunch Podcast listener who wanted to attend. Simply visit the registration page, and use promo code MarketPunch to receive $100 off the cost of your tickets…Thanks David!

And if you make it to the event, you’ll be able to check me out on stage as I deliver my presentation, “Don’t Invite the Guests Before the House is Right“. Hope to see you there!

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